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Drilling for Excellence

Evergreen Drilling 2018 Ltd. is a family-owned and operated drilling company serving clients across Alberta and the surrounding provinces.

Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling in Wetaskiwin Serving Alberta

If you are looking for a drilling company in Wetaskiwin that offers drilling services at the ready to all of Alberta, your search ends here at Evergreen Drilling 2018 Ltd. We have been in the business since 1991 and have learnt that the ideal path to productivity and profitability is to have a trained team at your service. Over the years, we have gone the extra mile to stay up-to-date with the industry and know how to get it done right. We do not sell drilling rigs, but we build them for our own jobs. We also build all the parts and source from reputable brands.

Committed to Every project

When you deal with us, you will see that we are focused on providing quality drilling services, and aim for maximum customer satisfaction. To meet our customers’ needs, we offer a wide range of drilling applications such as geotechnical and environmental drilling. We work with a range of clients including:

Construction companies

Geotechnical engineering companies

Oilfield companies

Civil engineering companies

Environmental and Geotechnical Drilling


It is important to treat groundwater periodically to ensure it is not contaminated. Rely on our expertise for environmental drilling for almost any application. We have the right equipment to carry out the job. If you’re planning a construction project, have the site analysed with geotechnical drilling services. We’ll obtain samples to gather data about the site, especially for onshore or close to shore sites.

A Team You Can Rely On


At Evergreen Drilling 2018 Ltd., our courteous and professional staff will work with you from the initial contact to the project’s completion. We will focus on your drilling needs and complete the job to a high standard. We are more than just a business – we are a team that works together based on the values of commitment, respect and integrity. For your next drilling project, contact us.

Professional Affiliations:

ISN Networld
Comply Works

Our Drilling Team

Our drilling contractors can work on projects of all complexities.

Quality Drilling Equipment

Take a look at our range of equipment suitable for most drilling work.

Safety Is Our Priority

We respect the safety and well-being of our customers and staff during every project.

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