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Creating a Safe Drilling Environment in Wetaskiwin and Alberta

Evergreen Drilling 2018 Ltd. in Wetaskiwin provides a safe drilling environment for all people on site. Zero workplace injury is our goal and to achieve this, we train our crew and regularly maintain the equipment we use on site. To stay on top of the safety aspects of each project, we ensure to continually assess, investigate, evaluate and improve our safety systems. 

Our drill rigs are equipped with safety features including:

Air to air shut downs

Instant stop hydraulic levers

Custom-made safety guards

Safety First, Always

Over the years, we have gained a reputation for drilling services that consistently exceed our client’s expectations. For every project, we provide clients with long-term, safe, and productive drilling services. Our staff is trained in:

H2S Alive

Global Ground Disturbance Level II® (Global certified)

First aid


CSTS (Construction Safety Training System)

Petroleum Oriented Safety Training (POST)

For more information on our drilling equipment safety features and what we do to ensure a safe site, contact us today.

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