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Top-notch Drilling Equipment in Alberta

At Evergreen Drilling 2018 Ltd., we build quality drilling equipment by sourcing products from reputable brands. Serving clients in all of Alberta and surrounding provinces, we have gained invaluable reputation for the work we do. Customers prefer our services because we are efficient, knowledgeable, safe, and can help control costs.



Rig-8 is our largest auger drill and is equipped with an automatic hammer. Mounted on a heavier truck, rig-8 is great for drilling through hard soils and is equipped with our largest and most powerful rotary, which allows it to drill through soils other dry auger rigs may not be able to handle. Here are the rig’s dimensions:

Carrier truck - 4300 international

Width - 8 feet

Max hole depth- 150 feet (depending on soil)


Rig-5 is a mid-size auger drill, mounted on a c5500 4x4 GMC. This rig is equipped with an automatic hammer and can drill 6" solid stem augers up to 12" hollow stem. Rig-5 is our most requested drill due to its high torque and rotary speed as well as its maneuverability. Here are the rig’s dimensions:

Carrier truck - c5500 4x4 GMC

Width -8 feet

Height - 10.8 feet

Tower height - 30 feet

Max hole depth - 150 feet (depending on soil)


Rig-1 is known for its excellent torque and design, along with its ability to get into inaccessible and tight spaces. It is a compact version of the R-5.

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