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Top-notch Drilling Equipment in Alberta

At Evergreen Drilling 2018 Ltd., we build quality drilling equipment by sourcing products from reputable brands. Serving clients in all of Alberta and surrounding provinces, we have gained invaluable reputation for the work we do. Customers prefer our services because we are efficient, knowledgeable, safe, and can help control costs.

TR-10 Equipment


The track-mounted TR-10 is our largest tracked rig and is equipped with one of our most powerful rotaries. It can drill through some of the most difficult soils and is equipped with an automatic SPT hammer.



The TR-2 is our smallest rig and is exceptional for getting into tight places or close to a building. It is also equipped with an automatic SPT hammer and comes with rubber tracks and low impact. This rig can travel over and through some of the most difficult terrains with its tank-like wheels.

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